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Babes in books

If hearing a line like, ‘I’ve got a thirst, baby, and you look like my Gatorade’ is enough to make you celibate, don’t give up just yet. As I discovered early on, there’s a fail-proof way to meet loads of men who’ll take you on amazing adventures, say all the right things and never stare at your chest.

How do you achieve this state of romantic bliss? Head to your local library or bookshop and pick up the man you fancy.

While these days we tend to fall for TV hotties like Sex and the City’s Mr Big and Grey’s Anatomy’s Derek Shepherd, these guys have nothing the book world’s romantic hero Fitzwilliam Darcy, from the iconic novel Pride and Prejudice. I have to  admit when I first met Darcy at the age of 11, he was a little old for me. He was also in love with another woman, but I just took the risk and devoted hours to re-reading proclamations of his undying devotion.

While many women have fallen for men with inflated egos only to find they couldn’t back it up, this was not the case with Mr Darcy. With fortune, heart-stopping looks and the vocabulary of an Oxford professor, he could make a nun renounce her vows.

Published in CLEO magazine, October 2008

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