Like a prayer


Could you abstain from sex, give up booze, or fast for 12 hours straight? These three twentysomethings now can, thanks to their search for faith.

For many people religion is a family affair, passed down from generation to generation, just like a grandmother’s wedding ring or a tried-and-true cake recipe. And with rules like no sex before marriage and no drinking alcohol, religious practices can seem like a relic from your grandparents’ time, not to mention a formula for social banishment.

At least that’s what 27-year-old Tony Clement thought, having spent his teens and early twenties partying, playing football and drinking with the boys.

“When I was about 16 to 21, I was just going out every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night,” Tony says.

“I worked with a couple of devout Christians and just thought, ‘You guys are crazy, you’re missing out on so much’.”

Then one fateful night at about 3am, Tony found himself staring into a half-eaten kebab. And whether it was the alcohol, the well-cut lettuce or a prod from up above, he started asking himself the big question, ‘Is this what it’s all about?’

Read more:

CLEO Magazine, June 2009


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