Do you suffer from a comparison complex?

I’m pretty happy with my career, my friends and my love life. But when I look at Natalie Portman, I feel like hitting the bottle.

The girl was in the cult classic The Professional at 13, won a Golden Globe at 24, and even with a shaved head manages to look better than I ever have. Rationally, I realise l’m being ridiculous.

I don’t want her life. For, all I know, she smells like mothballs. Still, Natalie induces bouts of self-loathing.

I mean, what have I achieved in comparison?

A quick survey of my friends proved it’s not just me who’s prone to judging my life’s achievements (and failures) against someone else’s. From what I can gather, just about everyone suffers from this “comparison complex”.

We can’t help but measure ourselves against our closest friends, acquaintances and even strangers, comparing everything from weight, careers and salaries, to our love lives, friendships and social status.

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