Postcards from ‘The Great Wall of Mumbai’

Three years ago a group of twenty-somethings took to Mumbai’s streets and began painting their local walls. What began as a small collective of like-minded, creative people, has since grown into a public art movement that includes hundreds of Mumbai locals.

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Featured in YEN Magazine, Issue 44
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Bankers, artists, teachers and children have painted their views on everything from HIV and terrorism to women’s rights in India. Others have paid homage to The Beatles and Michael Jackson.

These photographs were taken were it all started – at Chapel Road in Bandra, as well as at Tulsi Pipe Road – a 2.7 kilometre stretch of highway which is now hailed as ‘The Great Wall of Mumbai’.

Read the full story here

All photographs were taken with Nikon D80, 18-135mm, F3.5-5.6


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