A closer look at the art of beekeeping

A bee’s life starts in a small yellow cabin, only millimetres wide.  On the day of its birth it takes just seconds for this striped creature to pop through the thin, waxy skin of honeycomb. As soon as it does, the bee is focussed on work and the progress of the colony. Nothing else seems to matter.

In India, hundreds of tribal farmers are tapping into the bee’s extraordinary work ethic through the program ‘Bees for poverty reduction’. By having bees on their land, farmers are hoping to increase their production of crops via pollination, as well as tap into another source of income by selling honey at fair trade prices.

I followed bee expert Atar Singh into South Gujarat in Western India to learn about the art of beekeeping.

This is a little of what I saw.

Listen and read the full story, which was aired on Asia Calling here


2 thoughts on “A closer look at the art of beekeeping

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