Bees mean sweet business for India’s tribal farmers

In India’s remote villages, tribal farmers struggle to make ends meet. Drought and low crop yields mean poor living conditions and low incomes. To supplement their income, tribal farmers often resort to honey hunting – a practice which sees them find and destroy natural hives.

Mumbai-based organization Under the Mango Tree is trying to teach farmers how to keep rather than kill bees. Lauren Farrow reports on the eco-friendly farming initiative that is putting millions of bees to work in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

Aired on Deutsche Welle Radio Living Planet on December 23, 2010

Aired on Asia Calling on July 17, 2010

Take a visual tour of the art of beekeeping here

See what life is like in South Gujarat’s villages here


2 thoughts on “Bees mean sweet business for India’s tribal farmers

  1. LALIT PATIL, DHRUVA, Gujarat says:

    Thanks and congratulations on the success of your report on Bee Keeping in South Gujarat. Definitely, the report will be a good motivator for farmers in other localities who need a little extra push.
    Thanks again for such uplifting coverage.

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