Did India’s astrologers predict this?

The action might take place in India, but at the heart of this next story is a question wondered all over the world: is astrology bunkum?

One Mumbai-based group believes it is, and that India’s many astrologists – not to mention palmologists, gemologists, and other practitioners of the predictive arts – are taking advantage of superstitious and often vulnerable clients.

Astrologers have been guiding Indians since the fifth century: helping them navigate marriages, illness and monsoon rains. Now the NGO Janhit Manch is petitioning the Bombay High Court to clamp down on the industry and on astrology advertising.

Listen to the full story here:

Aired on Deutsche Welle Radio World in Progress December 19, 2010

Aired on KBR68H Indonesia Radio, Asia Calling December 13, 2010


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