Politics and conflict

East Timor’s youth fuels rise of new political force

The party’s founder spent two years in prison after members of his martial arts group became involved in a violent brawl. Now Khunto is a new political force in East Timor’s parliament, bolstered by rising disenfranchisement among the youth and anxiety over the country’s economy.
August 11, 2017

Philippines conflict presents growing threat to Australia

Islamic State’s galvanising of militants in the Philippines has prompted fresh warnings of a growing threat to Australia, as foreign fighters eye it as a new battleground and porous regional borders allow for the easy movement of weapons.
June 13, 2017.

Australia issues stern warning to ‘coercive’ China

Pointing to “now palpable tensions” on the Korean peninsula and in the South China Sea, Turnbull used his keynote address at the Shangri La security summit on Friday night to send a clear message – that while countries like Australia and Singapore might be “smaller fish”, they value their sovereignty.
June 3, 2017.

Religion, lies and politics as Jakarta votes

When multi-millionaire Sandiaga Uno first considered contesting the governorship of Indonesia’s swarming capital, he thought he was up against an unbeatable “rock star”.
April 17, 2017.

Indonesian president postpones visit to Australia following violent protest

The Indonesian President has postponed his trip to Australia after criticising “political actors” for their role in a violent and chaotic protest in Jakarta that saw vehicles set alight and dozens hospitalised.
November 5, 2016

Hunting Indonesia’s most wanted terrorist

He is Indonesia’s most wanted terrorist who has “kept Jihad alive” in the world’s most populous Muslim country. Despite large-scale manhunts over more than two years, Santoso and his men have been able to evade capture, pledge allegiance to Islamic State, kill police, stockpile weapons and hold claim over territory within Central Sulawesi’s dense jungle.
April 20, 2016.

Dark clouds loom ahead of South China Sea ruling

Next week’s landmark ruling on the South China Sea will test the bounds of “international order” in the region, as experts warn an “altogether peaceful” resolution is becoming increasingly difficult to see.
July 7, 2016