Did India’s astrologers predict this?

The action might take place in India, but at the heart of this next story is a question wondered all over the world: is astrology bunkum? One Mumbai-based group believes it is, and that India's many astrologists – not to mention palmologists, gemologists, and other practitioners of the predictive arts – are taking advantage of … Continue reading Did India’s astrologers predict this?


India’s Parsis Fight for Survival

Parsis have played an important cultural and economic role in India's development. They are behind the giant multinational Tata Group, the national airline Air India and Mumbai’s famous Taj Palace Hotel. But despite their prosperity, the Parsis are facing extinction. More than 1000 years before the birth of Christ, followers of the Zoroastrian faith were … Continue reading India’s Parsis Fight for Survival

Postcards from ‘The Great Wall of Mumbai’

Three years ago a group of twenty-somethings took to Mumbai's streets and began painting their local walls. What began as a small collective of like-minded, creative people, has since grown into a public art movement that includes hundreds of Mumbai locals. Featured in YEN Magazine, Issue 44 View Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 Bankers, artists, … Continue reading Postcards from ‘The Great Wall of Mumbai’