Blowing away Bombay’s art scene

India’s lack of exhibition space hasn’t deterred two young photographers, who’ve discovered that city walls make the perfect gallery. Photographs by Pär Olsson Kapil Das and Akshay Mahajan stand at the centre of a dirt field, surveying their exhibition space. At the left stands the decrepit shell of a concrete building, filled with rubble. While … Continue reading Blowing away Bombay’s art scene


Postcards from ‘The Great Wall of Mumbai’

Three years ago a group of twenty-somethings took to Mumbai's streets and began painting their local walls. What began as a small collective of like-minded, creative people, has since grown into a public art movement that includes hundreds of Mumbai locals. Featured in YEN Magazine, Issue 44 View Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 Bankers, artists, … Continue reading Postcards from ‘The Great Wall of Mumbai’